Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Green Inn, The Foxtrot Bed and Breakfast

Becoming a charter member of Gatlinburg Goes Green program has been a challenge for an inn located in a thirty year old building.  Our goal is to do at least one green project each year.  Changing to green practices was the easiest part.  The building projects have taken more planning.  The best place to start is an energy audit by your local electric company.  The Foxtrot Bed and Breakfast energy audit gave us ideas for several projects.  I feel like we have reached a major milestone this year when we completed the energy audit suggestion to revamp the air and heating system and to add insulation in our attic.  Not only did it reduce our electric consumption by 20%, which reduces our expenses, it solved our problem with hot and cold spots within the inn.  Going green acually helped our bottom line.  Yeah, GREEN!

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