Be Inspired at Our Bed and Breakfast Cooking School

Like watching the Food Network? Need access to a professional chef to answer your questions? The perfect answer is The The Foxtrot Bed and Breakfast Cooking School. We provide a hands-on experience to learn while doing. Our classes cover a variety of topics that change each year. We’ll even tailor a class for your particular interests.

The Foxtrot Cooking School is available during January, February, and March on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Class size is limited to eight (8) people, which gives each student one-on-one time with the chef. The Foxtrot kitchen is the place to be for great food, fun, and learning.

Cooking Classes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Cooking School-Executive Chef – $200.00-Includes two (2) aprons, a cookbook, and your class time with the chef.

Cooking School-Sous Chef – $150.00-Includes a cookbook and your class time with the chef.

Cooking School-Line Cook – $125.00-Includes your class time with the chef.