Be Inspired at Our Bed and Breakfast Cooking School

Have you been watching the Food Network and secretly wish that you had your own chef to consult? The Foxtrot Bed and Breakfast has the perfect answer. During January, February, and March, the Foxtrot Cooking School offers a hands-on opportunity to learn a new skill, to ask questions, and to get answers from a professional chef. Classes are limited to eight (8) people, so one-on-one time is available. Join us in the Foxtrot kitchen for a great time of learning and eating.

Cooking Classes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Cooking School-Executive Chef--$200.00-Includes two (2) aprons, a cookbook, and your class time with the chef.

Cooking School-Sous Chef--$150.00-Includes a cookbook and your class time with the chef.

Cooking School-Line Cook--$125.00-Includes your class time with the chef.

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